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How To Get A Free Apple Watch

Nov 12th, 2015 2:34:42 am
by Christopher Reyes
Tech Expert

I really can't believe I got it for free just by doing a review

Is the Apple Watch the best ever smartwatch?

Smartwatches are becoming more and more popular in Australia and that's mainly because of the Apple Watch is flying off the shelves. The Apple Watch is full of fantastic features and exclusive apps. The only problem is the hefty price tag but one site is solving that problem by giving away the Apple Watch for free. Review site Product Testing Australia is giving away brand new Apple Watches for their members to review and then keep.

Review and Keep The Apple Watch

Holly Ryan from South Australia, was given a free Apple Watch after joining Product Testing Australia earlier this month.

"I can't believe I got it for free. I really wanted to get the Apple Watch but it cost way too much. I really can't believe I got it for free just by doing a review. I'm so happy Product Testing Australia picked me as a product tester."

Become a product tester for free

Product Testing Australia give out free products for their members to test and review. When you've completed your review that product is yours to keep. Product Testing Australia is free to join and once you complete their short survey you could be selected as a product tester. Then you'll be sent a free Apple Watch to review and keep. Your review is then shown on the Product Testing Australia website. You can sign up to test as many products as you want.

Brandon Thomas from Queensland, was also given a free Apple Watch by Product Testing Australia.

"Just for doing a review I got a free Apple Watch.That's just incredible, there really is no catch. I joined for free, completed a survey and then a few weeks later I was told I had been selected to be a product tester."

For your chance to get a free Apple Watch join Product Testing Australia today. If selected as a product tester you'll be sent a brand new Apple Watch to review and keep.

How to join Product Testing AU today

Step 1
Click the link here for Product Testing AU

Step 2
Sign up and complete the short survey